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2017 Boston Marathon: Team CAC

Mar 20, 2017

Natasha Frazier Natasha Frazier

Why I’m running for Team CAC: I am an occupational therapist in an acute hospital setting and I have the opportunity to work with many children and adults that have been or are currently victims of abuse. It is a vastly under served and under-represented population that deserve more attention and funding since the prevalence is surging. It is also devastating when victims of childhood abuse are much more vulnerable to mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Jill LongoJill Longo

Why I’m running for Team CAC: I am the mother to two young children and an elementary school teacher. I interact with children all day, every day. I know that young kids are innocent and full of hope. Children need to feel that the adults around them are them to keep them safe. It breaks my heart to know that there are adults out there that do not take this responsibility seriously. I whole-heartedly agree with the Children's Advocacy Center's mission to help children and families through very difficult situations.

Cait SivieraCait Silviera

Why I’m running for Team CAC: I chose a career in mental health services to assist at risk populations. As such, the CAC’s mission resonates deeply with me and my work. Their efforts to provide kids and families with the support that they need to heal after trauma are so essential to a strong and healthy community, and it’s an honor to run for this cause!

Mandy Kelly

Why I’m running for Team CAC: Every child deserves the right to be just that -  a child. I love that the CAC gives children a safe place, both physically and emotionally, to talk about their experiences and receive the help that they deserve.


Theresa Regan

Why I’m running for Team CAC: I belong to a running group that has, since 2010, run various marathons for various causes and is constantly pushing one another to give back to our community through sport. Team CAC is especially near and dear to my heart this year as I run in memory of my sister Andrea. Andrea loved children and was a champion for their voices being heard by the adults in their life. The CAC truly listens to – and hears- the children that they work with, and that’s so vital to their path to hope, health, and healing after abuse.