Learning about the possible sexual or physical abuse of a child can be a confusing and overwhelming experience.

Children need the support of their parent(s) or caregiver(s), and caregivers need support, too. The CAC's multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing aid to caregivers and assisting them in the protection and support of their child.

Every family that experiences a child's disclosure of abuse faces numerous critical decisions and changes to their daily life. Whether or not a report of abuse results in prosecution -- crisis intervention, support and advocacy services are available to each child and family at the CAC.

Advocacy services include:

  • Contacting caregivers to inform them about the interview process and the services available to them at the CAC
  • Providing crisis intervention, support and referrals
  • Helping caregivers understand the legal and child protective systems
  • Assisting with safety planning
  • Assisting with housing, transportation, education and financial needs
  • Connecting caregivers with a broader support system through support groups and other resources

The CAC is committed to helping families access the support, information, and referrals necessary to safely move forward in their lives.