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CAC Delivers Specialized Training for Massachusetts Trial Court Interpreters

While the CAC offers services and Forensic Interviews in English and Spanish, we also work closely with interpreters to assist in the delivery of these services when caregivers and children speak languages outside of our capacity.

To support and prepare the interpreters supporting families participating in forensic interviews, the CAC’s Training Program Manager Erica Chepulis, Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer Emily Cutts, and Bi-Lingual Forensic Interviewer Vanessa Vicente delivered a training for Massachusetts Trial Court Interpreters in November. The Essential Role of Interpreters in Forensic Interviews of Children training includes information about the forensic interview process and the critical functions of interpreters working alongside the MDT. It also explores case scenarios and offers recommendations to elevate best practices for providing youth and family-centered support.

Ensuring that all of the professionals involved in the support of a child and their family are prepared is essential to a positive outcome for that child and family.

If you are interested in having the CAC deliver a training for you and your staff, please contact Erica at