Trainings and Resources for Caregivers and Community Members

Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse (1.5 hours)

9 out of 10 children do not disclose abuse right away.  2 out of 3 may never disclose.  Community members and caregivers learn to recognize the signs of abuse and how to respond if concerned that a child is being hurt. This training increases participants’ knowledge of child abuse signs and indicators, the dynamics of disclosure and steps to take when concerned. Participants will gain knowledge and confidence to respond to a child in need of help.

Understanding Children’s Sexual Behavior (1.5 hours) 

Children’s sexual behaviors can often be challenging for parents/caregivers. This workshop will provide an overview of typical sexual development, discuss what sexual behaviors are reasons for concern, and offer suggestions on how caregivers can intervene effectively.

Effects of Trauma on Children and Families (1.5 hours) 

One of the CAC’s major goals is to increase understanding of the unique impact of child sexual abuse on the child, the caregiver and the entire family. This workshop will discuss how sexual abuse affects the child victim, look at the many factors that prevent children from telling anyone about the abuse, and offer information on how children heal.  

Internet Safety and Cyberbullying (varies)

With the wide-reaching access to the internet from laptops, smartphones, iPods, Kindles, gaming consoles like Xbox, PS3, and Wii, and from many other devices, youth and teens are at risk of:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Exposure to inappropriate material
  • Online predators
  • Revealing too much personal information

Training provides caregivers tips on how to set up internet safety best practices in your home, learning which apps are popular and how to navigate those safely – or avoid them altogether, and how to talk to children so they can be safe while online. 

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