After a disclosure or concern of abuse, it is often helpful for a child to see a health professional. The CAC offers on-site, forensically-sound medical services by a specially-trained pediatric sexual assault nurse examiner (Pedi-SANE). 

Medical services are provided in a child-friendly exam room using state-of-the-art equipment. The medical exam is not painful or invasive.

The CAC’s pediatric sexual assault nurse examiner (Pedi-SANE) provides medical care to:

  • Ensure the health and well-being of the child
  • Reassure the child that everything is okay with their body
  • Diagnose and treat medical conditions that may or may not be related to child abuse
  • Provide video documentation of possible physical and forensic findings
  • Allow for collection of evidence that may be present on the child's body or clothing using the Pediatric Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit
  • Address any underlying medical, developmental or psychological concerns.

The medical examination also provides an opportunity for the child and family to be linked to other important services and resources. For children who lack access to consistent medical care and may have previously-undiagnosed medical conditions, the Pedi-SANE provides care and makes referrals for follow-up, as needed.

The Pedi-SANE focus and motto is based on the principle of Do No Harm in treating each and every child.

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County provides medical exams at no charge to children and families. 

Training for Professionals 

Pedi SANE provides training for medical professionals on how to collect forensic evidence utilizing the Massachusetts Pediatric Evidence Collection Kit, for acute sexual assault child victims.  

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