Crisis Intervention, Advocacy, Outreach & Referrals

The CAC staff supports children and families referred due to concerns of sexual and physical abuse, exploitation, sexting, inappropriate use of social media and the Internet, and children engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviors.

 Services provided include:

  • Providing crisis intervention, support and assistance with safety planning
  • Helping caregivers better understand the legal and child protective systems
  • Helping caregivers better understand the difference between typical, age appropriate sexual behaviors and behaviors that may be concerning
  • Connecting caregivers to a broader support system through referrals to resources in the community

 All family advocacy services are provided free of charge. 

Consultation to the MDT

CAC Family Advocates provide emotional support to children and their caregivers while at the CAC for a forensic interview and/or medical exam. Together with the Family Resource Specialist, they work with families to help identify and access needed services and resources. Support continues after the visit to the CAC, as well.

Evidence-Based Mental Health Services

Family Advocates also help connect families with CAC Mental Health Clinicians who provide trauma screenings and counseling services to children and families. Counseling services include:

Internet Safety

Most children have access to the internet.  CAC staff provide caregivers with information to increase awareness of the apps and websites children are accessing and how children are sharing personal information and images on the internet. Staff also provides guidance to caregivers around fostering good communication with their child about internet safety. For more information about internet safety, click here.