The CAC’s goal is to empower community members and professionals with information, knowledge, and tools to positively impact children and families who have experienced abuse. 

Our trainings focus on the following:

  • Prevention: Increasing awareness and understanding of child abuse and fostering safety;
  • Intervention: Providing information on recognizing the signs, responding to disclosure, reporting abuse, and the multidisciplinary team response;
  • Treatment & Therapy: Increasing skills and knowledge for professionals who are helping victims recover and heal.

Our Trainers

The CAC’s trainers include professionals from diverse disciplines with extensive experience and expertise in child abuse and exploitation. For over 20 years, the CAC has delivered high-quality training for community members and professionals, both locally and nationally. Our staff present at state and national conferences and provide consultation to other organizations and Children’s Advocacy Centers.

Our Reach

In 2023, the CAC trained over 5,000 individuals locally, state-wide, and nationally. We offer training for social workers, medical professionals, mental health professionals, public health professionals, educators and school professionals, law enforcement, prosecutors, community members, caregivers, and youth.

Training & Technical Assistance

The CAC offers a variety of training topics for diverse audiences, including community members and multidisciplinary professionals. We customize training to the specific needs of individual agencies and organizations. Many trainings are offered free of charge.  For information regarding training options and costs or if you are interested in a training that is not listed, please contact the CAC’s Training Program Manager, Erica Chepulis at

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