Child abuse can cause children and their families to lose trust in the world and in themselves. Support from a mental health professional can help children and families:

  • Deal with strong and often confusing feelings
  • Heal from the trauma and move beyond the abuse

Services for Children & Families

The CAC’s mental health staff is comprised of master’s level licensed clinical social workers with training and expertise in trauma and child abuse.  CAC mental health services are available in English and Spanish and include:

  • Family Advocacy
  • Crisis intervention, information, support and referral for mental health and other needed services;
  • Provision of information and assistance regarding victim compensation.

Mental Health Consultation

  • Participation in Multidisciplinary Team interviews to offer input regarding the child and family’s needs for mental health support;
  • Support for caregivers during the child’s forensic interview;
  • Provision of recommendations regarding  options for counseling services for children and families including referral assistance to community-based agencies providing specialized trauma services

On-Site Services for Children & Families

Services for Professionals

The CAC Mental Health Program offers consultation and training for professionals and community groups responding to concerns of child abuse. Topics include :

  • Understanding and Responding to Children’s Sexual Behaviors
  • When Child Sexual Abuse is Reported: The CAC and the Multidisciplinary Investigation Response
  • Responding to Disclosures
  • Mental Health Services When Child Sexual Abuse is a Concern: Key Considerations

Trainings can be customized for the audience. For information regarding training options and costs or if you are interested in a training that is not listed, please contact the CAC Training Program Manager, Erica Chepulis.

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