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Abuse. The word alone is hard to hear. And when a child has been abused, it is even harder to know where to turn for help, guidance and understanding.

The first step is the Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County (CAC). CAC has the experience to help children and families navigate a complex system, while staying focused on what matters most: Child safety and well-being. Read More ›

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What's New at CAC

  • Hope Blooms this Spring!

    Apr 13, 2015

    After much anticipation, spring has arrived leaving historic snowfall for the record books and fading memories of the long, snowy days we slogged through. In downtown Boston, thousands of Hope Blooms' crocuses are begging to burst into the springtime sunshine. ... More ›

  • Relive the Excitement of the 2015 Ginormous Climb

    Apr 02, 2015

    VIDEO: Relive the Excitement of the 2015 Ginormous Climb. ... More ›

  • The 2015 CAC Boston Marathon Team

    Mar 02, 2015

    In just six weeks, half a million people will line up to encourage every runner in the 2015 Boston Marathon. The Children's Advocacy Center of Suffolk County (CAC) and friends will be cheering for five runners in particular: the 2015 CAC Boston Marathon Team! Emily, Jennifer Steven, Stuart and Teresa each have their own compelling reason to take on the marathon challenge (read more below). But their dedication and commitment - especially training during this year's historic snow - remains focused on helping children at the CAC. With each step they take, they are helping support a child who breaks their silence about abuse. ... More ›

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