SEEN MDT Partners

SEEN Team:

The SEEN program team includes a Program Manager and Family Advocates. SEEN Family Advocates provide prompt and comprehensive case coordination.  They serve as the hub of the multiple agencies involved with and striving to support high risk and exploited youth. 

SEEN Steering Committee:

The SEEN Steering Committee was formed to create sustained, cross-agency leadership for Suffolk County’s response to exploited youth.

The Steering Committee meets monthly to discuss areas of programmatic and policy needs and to ensure that the SEEN response continuously improves.

Steering Committee Members include:

SEEN Advisory Group

The SEEN Advisory Group is comprised of partner agencies, community-based programs and anti-trafficking advocates. Meeting quarterly, the Advisory Group discusses relevant issues, provides ongoing trafficking education, and promotes networking in Suffolk County.  Membership is open.

Recent Advisory Group meetings have focused on topics including:

  • How school professionals can recognize CSEC
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ high risk and exploited youth
  • Understanding Massachusetts’ child trafficking statutes
  • How MDT members can partner with CSEC-specific mentors and life coaches

SEEN Youth Advisory Group

The SEEN Youth Advisory Group is an inspiring team of teen survivor-leaders who share their voices and insights to advocate on behalf of exploited and high risk youth.

Participants include members of the My Life My Choice Leadership Corps who work with SEEN staff to develop discipline-specific recommendations for SEEN Multi-Disciplinary Team member agencies. SEEN incorporates the Youth Advisory Group’s recommendations into its daily work as well as into trainings for professionals working with youth.