SEEN Youth Advisory Group

The SEEN Youth Advisory Group is an inspiring team of teen survivor-leaders who share their voices and insights to advocate on behalf of exploited and high risk youth.

Participants include members of the My Life My Choice Leadership Corps who spend time working with SEEN staff to develop recommendations for SEEN Multidisciplinary Teams. SEEN incorporates their recommendations into daily work as well as into local trainings for professionals who may identify and/or respond to CSEC in Boston.

Voices from the Youth Advisory Group

  • You can’t help and retraumatize at the same time.
  • Yeah, I’ve been through that, but I’m stronger than that. It’s hard when there’s nobody behind you.
  • Your personality never changed, it just got masked because of everything that happened to you. They need to learn how to unmask and let it be free.
  • Everyone has a goal to be successful  - after you’ve been exploited you can lose that.
  • If she feels like somebody cares, she’ll be more willing to trust them. That she’s not just another case, but a person. Nobody should feel like they’re not a person.

Images from the Youth Advisory Group

If you are a youth who needs help, contact:


National Human Trafficking Hotline: Call (888) 373-7888  or text BeFree (233733) | Live Chat | Email


Samaritans Statewide Helpline: (877) 870-4673 | Call or Text 24/7

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

617-423-9575 (ages 14-24)